2 Cheap & Easy Halloween Costumes


2_cheap_and_easy_halloween_costumesNeed a costume quick and on the cheap? These two costumes cost less than $12 total and were pulled together in less than an hour. I’ll show you what to buy and how to get the look for two cute, fun and frugal Halloween costumes.

Costume #1: Super Fudge


  • A red or orange t-shirt, pullover or sweater
  • Yellow felt (dollar store)
  • Orange hairspray (Party City, Walmart)
  • dark eyeliner
  • glue stick

First, take the yellow piece of felt and cut out a yellow “f” about 6-8 inches tall. If you need a template to do this, you can just print one from your computer and trace it onto the felt before you cut it out. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I used a glue stick to glue the “f” to the front of the red fleece pullover. I only needed it to last a day and wanted to be able to take it off easily. Once we were done with the costume, I pulled off the “f” and any remaining glue washed right out.

Fudge has really crazy, messy red hair. My youngest is blond, so we used orange hairspray and sprayed it all over while mussing it up, so that it stuck up all over. Fudge also always has a dirty face, so I took a brown eyeliner and dabbed his face here and there, then smudged it around to look like dirt.

We paired the red pullover with a pair of holey jeans (we always have plenty of those lying around!) and sneakers to complete the look. (And I apologize for the blown out pictures – photography is something I’m still working on!)

Cheap & Easy Halloween Costume

Total cost: $1 for the felt and $3 for the hairspray for a total of $4. So cheap and so fun!

Costume #2: Mad Scientist

  • a large white long-sleeved button down or lab coat (Goodwill or Amazon.com for the lab coat)
  • yellow rubber gloves (dollar store)
  • rubber boots or dark shoes
  • safety glasses (Lowe’s, Walmart or other hardware store)
  • white hairspray and hair gel

We had bought a white lab coat costume for a previous Halloween, so that was a cost savings, but you can easily find a cheap, large white button down at Goodwill that would also work with the sleeves rolled up a bit. Then you add the yellow gloves, some kakhi color pants (or any neutral color), dark shoes or boots and the safety glasses. The hair took a little more work. I whetted it down and added hair gel, then used a hair dryer to get it to stick up all over. I finished it by spraying the white hairspray all over. It came out more gray than white, but still gave him that mad scientist look he was going for.

Cheap & Easy Halloween Costume

Total cost: $2 shirt from Good Will, $2 for the safety goggles, $1 for the gloves, $3 for the hairspray for a total of $8 (cheaper if you already have any of the above).

So for $12 (or less) you can have two super cute, easy homemade costumes! We had so much fun trying to pull these together, too.

I hope this helps you or inspires you come up with your own last minute costume!


~ Susan

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