Our 2017 Fall Decor Home Tour

Fall Home Tour 2017
It’s gone from Aug-tober to Ahhhh-ctober over the weekend here in Georgia and we are way over due for our 2017 Fall Home Tour!

The new decor definitely brightens up our home – and makes me realize that my everyday decor is in desperate need of a refresh. But that’s a blog post for another day. For now, it’s on with the tour!

First up, our foyer. The “Family” string art plaque as been there for a while. I’m still loving it, along with the bronzed bowl, so I added some burlap pumpkins – from the Dollar Tree, no less – a creepy spider and my favorite piece this year, a pumpkin lantern.


I’m more of a happy-fun Halloween person rather than dark and gothic, so this is just the right amount of spooky for me.


You can see this chest from the foyer, so it seemed an appropriate to give it a little fall flair.  The pup photo-bombed the pic, but he’s so handsome, I couldn’t make him move. 🙂

I had put a couple pillows there but my hubby added a few more items and it actually turned out pretty cute! The man has style, what can I say? (Full disclosure: I usually go behind the hubs and tweak the decor a bit – he loves to put it out; I like to finesse).


This adorable witch is a hand-me-down from my dad and step-mom who’ve decided to downsize and gift their (her) enormous decor collection to us. Let me just say I am not complaining. 🙂


I also love the  felt spider web place mat. It covers the yucky table, lol.

Our coffee table – a chalk painted Pinterest fail that’s a work in progress – is decorated with a chalk-painted tray, cloth pumpkins handmade by a friend who can actually sew, a simple candle and a little wooden sign that I got for Christmas. But we can always be reminded to have a joyful heart, right? 😉

The kitchen gets a little Halloween touch, too, with an awesome spooky house. It lights up and plays spooky music so we’ll have that going on Halloween night for some added ambiance. Don’t you love witch on the bike?


And my favorite area is the console table. I draped it with burlap and then added the hurricane vases, a pitcher of magnolia branches from the yard and a mason jar lid pumpkin (a Pinterest… pass?) Plus, there’s a silver bell that was my mom’s (she loved bells… and tea cups).


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I’m not in love with my mantel decor this year, otherwise that would be on this year’s Fall Home Tour. I’m planning to change that up to something a little less garland-y. It’s a bit cluttered and muddied to me, so I plan on lightening things up.

I can’t forget this cute night light – also a step-mom hand-me-down (she had some super-cute stuff!) When I put it on at night, it gives off a nice, warm glow.


Last but not least is my Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath.

Halloween Wreath

I’m still in love with it. Even when the hubby added a big fake spider to it. Really, I’m still good. 😉

And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed our 2017 Fall Home Tour and it inspires you to add some fall flair to your home. My collection comes from so many places over so many years it’s hard to find exact replicas, but here are a few links to items that can give your home a similar look.

Witch Pillow

Halloween Pillow

Wicker Pumpkin

Fall Scented Candle

Ceramic Pumpkin Lantern

Hurricane Vase

Halloween Night Light

Blessings to you and yours!


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