Welcome! Are you a working mom, a homeschool mom, or just a really, really busy kind of mom? Well, I have been all three at different times – and sometimes all at once – and I know how it is.  This blog is for all the ladies who are working hard to do it all – put a nice, healthy meal on the table, create a beautiful home, feel happy and healthy and have some laughs and adventures along the way.

So why the name Van Vagabonds? Well, our name is Van Valkenburgh (I know, but it’s such a good conversation starter!) The “Vagabonds” part came from our love of packing everything we can into our minivan and heading out on the road. My husband is a road trip planner of Clark Griswold caliber (minus the Christy Brinkley interludes) and for the last five years we’ve gone cross-country – a little band of vagabonds – to explore our nation in all its glory with the goal of leaving no stone unturned (world’s biggest ball of twine? Oh yes, it’s on the list!) Our adventures have taken us from our home in the deep south to the wilds of Montana down to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon and back again and we’re not through yet!

What’s with the little bee on top of the “b” in Van Vagabonds? I have a thing for bees, honey bees in particular. I’m not a bee keeper, but… it is on my bucket list! Don’t ask my why – I guess they are cute and fuzzy and they work so hard! So maybe I relate to them a little bit. 🙂

I hope this blog provides you ideas, inspiration, and a reminder that though we sometimes have to do it all, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be the perfect thing for ourselves and our families.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Susan