Board and Batten Bathroom Re-do

My board and batten bathroom re-do is done! Whew!

Pretty much since we moved in back in 2002 my little toilet closet, water closet, whatever you call it has looked sort of like this:

Board and Batten Before Pic

Minus the tape and blue paint.  I did not take a picture of it before we started painting because we were just too eager. But the builder’s flat, off-white paint was all we had. I hadn’t even put a picture up in there.

Board and Batten Before

Since it’s a small space I thought it would be nice to try our hand (meaning my hubby’s) at installing board and batten. It didn’t look that hard from the pictures I’ve seen and I love the look.

So we measured and (he) taped off the room and (we) got to painting. Semi-glossy pure white on the bottom and the most dreamy bluish, greenish, grayish on the top called Winter In Paris.

Valspar Winter in Paris

We got the paint from Home Depot because that’s where we had to get the boards. We used Glidden paint because the paint guy at Home Depot told us that Glidden’s top paint is better than Behr’s cheap paint and they cost the same.

After painting the hubs cut the boards and screwed them in place.

Board and Batten Installation

You can see in the corner where he used some caulking to cover the cracks. We’re not trying for perfection here. 😉

The vertical boards are screwed into the studs to be more secure.

Board and Batten Bathroom

Then we filled in the screw holes with spackle, sanded then down when they were dry, and painted the boards.

Board and Batten Almost Finished

And that was it! It was done in four days because we had to take breaks for kids, school, work, life. But it was not complicated. The only special equipment my husband bought was a stud finder for around $15 (something he’d always wanted anyway). With the paint and wood, the whole project came in at less than $100.

Board and Batten

Board and Batten 2

Board and Batten Final

Now, that little space is bright and fresh and pretty. I may even put a picture up on the wall. 😉

I hope this inspires you to add a little board and batten to your bathroom or any room in your home!




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