Daily Dish Weight Watchers Eating Plan

As part of my new year’s resolutions this year, I’ve decided to make myself more accountable with my eating by posting what I’m eating. So this is my very first Daily Dish Weight Watchers Eating Plan!



I’m doing these posts for two reasons… First, I’m a lifetime Weight Watchers member so I’m supposed to be a pro at tracking. The fact is I’m lazy about it. Or sometimes I know I’ve blown it and I just don’t want to know how bad.  But I do best when I’m accountable, so I’m going to post how I’m doing with occasional posts about what I’ve eaten.

The other reason is that as a lifetime member I have lots of ideas of how and what to eat. So hopefully these posts will help some of you trying to work the plan to give you some new “real food” options that help to keep you satisfied and enjoying the journey while also seeing some results.

So here’s today’s Daily Dish:

Breakfast – Sausage patty and French toast (8 points) The French toast is just a slice of bread dipped in one egg and cooked with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I used cooking spray for no fat. I topped it with strawberries with a little stevia and an orange on the side. And I love tea, so a cup of Aldi green tea, too.

Snack – 7 Almonds (1 points)

No lunch because I ate a late breakfast

Snack – 14 Almonds and one sf pudding cup (5 points)

Dinner – 1 cup beef chili topped with 1/4 cup avocado (10 points)

Dessert – 1 s’more with 1 square Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate bar and 1 marshmallow (6 points)

Total Points: 29

Exercise: I didn’t really track this because we had a snow day today and just were out playing and walking in the snow. So probably a couple of points earned.

So I plan on posting the Daily Dish Weight Watchers Eating Plan a few times a week this year in hopes that it helps someone know what they can eat when on the plan (s’mores! Yay!) It really works and for me it works best when I fit in some treats along with filling foods like fruits, veggies beans and protein. Those are the things that keep me satisfied while the treats keep me happy. I would love know some of your meals and ideas for staying on plan or healthy eating in general, so feel free to leave a comment!



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