Daily Dish Weight Watchers Eating Plan

Hello and welcome to another Daily Dish! It’s another day of healthy eating today, though if I am honest, the chocolate has been calling my name today. Ugh! I think it’s the weather. Well, aside from that I feel pretty good about today and I’m about to embark on a 30 minute exercise video, so hopefully that will burn off some of those chocolate calories.


My meals today started with one of my standards – egg and toast with avocado. I wake up excited for this meal. I don’t know what it is… maybe the crispiness of the toast with the drippy egg and then the savory avocado. Yyyyyyummmm! And of course, hot tea on the side. It’s just the perfect hot breakfast for me.

Lunch was a tuna melt, albeit a skinny one. Then yes, there was some chocolate this afternoon. But dinner is the what I’m most excited for – Lasagna Soup! Skinnytaste.com has lots of delicious recipes and this is a family favorite. I also get a ton of ideas off of Skinnymom.com (are you seeing a theme here?). My husband has liked almost every recipe I’ve made from that site so far – they offer lightened versions of the things you might normally eat, so it satisfies him and allows me to stay on track.

So without further ado and because I’ve got to get to my workout before dinner, here’s today’s Daily Dish!

Fried egg cooked in olive oil cooking spray on a slice of toast with a tbs of avocado.

Total: 5 points

1 banana

4 oz tuna mixed (1 point!) with 2 tbs Bolthouse avocado dressing (2 points) on a sandwich thin. I toasted it 3with a couple tomato slices and chopped up a lite string cheese to melt on top. Really good! The dressing was a perfect substitute for mayo and more flavorful.
1 apple

Total: 7 points

2 white cheddar rice cakes (2 points)
1 block Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate bar (3 points)

Total: 5 points

Lasagna Soup from Skinnytaste.com

Total: 9 points

I’ll have 4 points leftover for the day, so maybe I’ll spend them on chocolate or maybe a few white cheddar rice cakes or maybe for an extra scoop of ricotta cheese in my lasagna soup. I weigh in tomorrow and I’ve been doing pretty well with the eating, so I’m hoping for a good report. Till then, best of luck with your daily eating and thanks for taking the time to read the Daily Dish!



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