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How to Make a Halloween Wreath from the Dollar Tree

This week I made this gorgeous Halloween wreath, and everything except the wreath frame came from the Dollar Tree! I cannot be more happy with the way it turned out.

Halloween Wreath

Some friends of mine and I like to get together and do a little crafting occasionally, and this time we decided to make these Halloween wreaths.┬áIt was really easy – even for my non-crafty friend. Hers is the one on the left. Love her witchy theme with lots of purple and the pop of white.


You can see the different colors and variations even though we used similar stuff – all the from the Dollar Tree! The wreath frames we got from Hobby Lobby. A large grapevine wreath frame is about $8 and you can use the 40% off coupon from their website to get a few dollars off that.

All said and done I spent about $17 in supplies to make my wreath. Our inspiration wreath was selling for $90! We can’t believe we were able to make it for so much less.

The Dollar Tree has a ton of high quality ribbon right now – even a burlap style with a cute black and orange chevron pattern. Some of these ribbons would cost at least twice as much at other stores.

I also got these cute decorations to bling out my wreath even more. I love the cat. That’s my favorite.



The little lantern lights up.


To make it we just tied the ribbon onto the grapevine. I tied a few pieces into bows…

And some into loops for fullness.


But the tulle ribbon and thinner glittery ribbon I just tied in single knots.

We tied all the accessories on with ribbon (they are made of wire). We added a little glue under the sign to hold it in place, but it’s not necessary.

I’m so ready for Halloween now!


Head to Dollar Tree to snap up these cute ribbons and accessories to make a cute Halloween Wreath for yourself. It was such a great deal and the wreath was so much fun to make!

Blessings and Happy Halloween!


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