Homemade Apple Pie with Rich, Crumb Topping

I’m not exactly sure what qualifies someone to be called a “foodie”. Do you need to wear trendy glasses and a scarf in the summer time and only drink certain kinds of coffee and shop at Whole Foods? I’m totally picking on anyone who dresses like that by the way, but full disclosure – I wear “trendy” glasses, too!

But the name, to me, implies someone who’s really into their food. And food is very important to me, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because when given the opportunity to try a new food or a new restaurant, sip wine and enjoy a plate of cheeses I can’t pronounce or sample a delicious, specially made dessert, I am all over it. So does that make me a foodie? Maybe… 😉

While these days I cook mostly family favorites to please my always hungry crew, the recipes I share here are those special recipes that are standouts from the day-to-day fare. I hope they’ll give you some new ideas to jazz up your meal times and maybe become your family favorites, too.

Homemade Apple Pie with Rich, Crumb Topping

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